August 13, 2017

Canadamark Diamonds Now at James Allen

A CanadaMark diamond in the rough
For those searching for fair trade diamonds for their design-your-own engagement ring, the task just got a little easier. Earlier this week, James Allen announced the availability of CanadaMark diamonds on their website as part of their "Build Your Own" engagement ring tool.

CanadaMark diamonds, mined from the Ekati and Diavik mines in Canada's Northwest Territories are known for their sustainable practices both in mining and support of the local aboriginal community. The mine owners invest in community projects to improve the lives of the local population as well as maintaining fair wages and skills development in the local population.

The diamonds, formed billions of years ago in the Arctic tundra are tracked and audited at every stage of production to maintain specific quality standards, and are each marked with a unique serial number to verify authenticity.

Each CanadaMark diamond includes a unique serial number ensuring authenticity
For those not already familiar with James Allen, their award-winning website allows shoppers to fully customize their engagement ring and search for un-set diamonds from their database of almost 100,000 diamonds all photographed in high-definition with a 360-degree rotation feature allowing shoppers to see the stones from every angle before purchasing.

To shop CanadaMark diamonds on their website, simply select the filter when searching their diamond database to only show CanadaMark diamonds. Otherwise, in a general search CanadaMark diamonds will appear with their easily identifiable blue trademark - - on the top left corner of the diamond image. Clicking on the diamond listing will also allow you to download both the GIA certification and the CanadaMark documentation for that specific diamond.

James Allen diamond resources are easy to find on each listing.
Combine this with 1000's of engagement ring settings to suit any taste, their 24/7 customer service and Lifetime Warranty and you have a winning combination to create an ethical engagement ring she'll treasure forever.

Brilliance! CanadaMark diamonds in various settings.
Learn more about CanadaMark diamonds and their sustainability initiatives here or start shopping the selection of CanadaMark diamonds on James Allen now.

June 13, 2017

James Allen and Engagement Ring Transparency

It's no secret that I love James Allen and think they are the #1 place to buy an engagement ring online - or off. The level of transparency they provide into the engagement ring buying process is unmatched by any of their competitors in the online space.

To start, they are the only online engagement ring retailer who provides a 360-degree image of every diamond on their site so that shoppers can see them up close with the same - or better - detail that you would get walking into your local jewelers. But since that has been covered here already, let's examine some of the other features that put James Allen above the competition and help demystify the diamond buying process for their customers.

Diamond Inspiration Gallery

Search for your dream ring among James Allen's recently purchased rings

James Allen has extended that 360-degree technology to their engagement ring settings as well - cataloging every beautiful creation on a searchable page on their website where you can search your dream ring by budget, style - from vintage halos to modern tension settings, shape and metal.

These detailed images of their diamonds are not the only time James Allen lets us get up close and personal with their merchandise. Before shipping out a completed ring, they photograph and catalog that ring on their website in their Diamond Inspiration Gallery. Here, future engagement ring purchasers can see 100s of engagement rings created by James Allen and also see all the stats on these rings including diamond size, cut, clarity and price.

Copycat style is easy when you use the James Allen Inspiration Gallery to find your dream ring

These customer created rings are also linked to the setting styles purchased - so when you are considering an engagement ring setting you can see what that will look like with the diamond shape you're interested in. Plus, see the difference in appearance between that ring with a 0.5 ct round diamond and a 2 ct diamond. Knowledge is power!

See that setting with the diamond shape you're considering. 

But that's not it. In addition to letting you get up close and personal with the diamonds and engagement rings before they get shipped out from James Allen to the customer, James Allen has 2 ways customers can share those images after they are delivered and proposed with.

James Allen On-Site Customer Reviews with Yotpo

Customer reviews like this one abound on James Allen's website

Yotpo is a leading customer review and image curation tool used on numerous ecommerce sites and recently implemented on James Allen. With Yotpo, customer reviews filter directly to the product pages of the items purchased enabling customers to read a multitude of feedback on any engagement ring setting they may be interested in. But the best part about James Allen's Yotpo implementation is the sheer volume of customer images it helps to generate. Because really, who doesn't want to share a ring selfie after they've gotten engaged?

James Allen Engagement Moments

James Allen...they'll even help you Propose
Last but not least, if seeing the diamonds up close, the completed custom engagement rings with all of their pricing information, and all the ring selfies of their happy customers just isn't enough, there's the Engagement Moments gallery where future James Allen customers can see even more finished ring pictures along with entire proposal stories from happy James Allen customers.

Clicking through these stories from customers scattered across the globe from Mexico to Scotland, Pakistan to Singapore you'll not only get more beautiful engagement ring photos (plus a handy link to re-create the looks found on this page) but tons of inspiration for the perfect, romantic proposal to take her breath away.

James Allen proposal stories
Questions? Reach out! I'd love to hear from you.

June 12, 2017

Proposal Tip: Engagement Ring Engraving

The last - and sometimes the hardest - step before getting engaged is choosing an engraving for the ring. After all the effort you've put into selecting a diamond and engagement ring setting that will please her, picking an engraving that will be romantic, meaningful and enduring is sometimes the final hurdle.

When you're at a loss for words, try lyrics. Finding a song that has meaning for both of you and picking a lyric or phrase from the song is a great way to engrave her ring with something heartfelt and poignant. Especially when you pick words made famous by John Legend in his touching song "My All". It makes me cry every time.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

(and if you want the details on this gorgeous 6-prong solitaire setting click here)

June 10, 2017

Best Engagement Rings Under $2000 - 2017 Edition

Best Engagement Rings Under $2000

Is your engagement ring budget is $2000 or less? Here are my top 10 picks for a beautiful ring that will guarantee a "Yes" no matter what her style. These rings are selected for their looks, value and uniqueness....all picked from the top rated engagement ring sellers online.

Custom Pear Halo Engagement Ring from James Allen

The Original: Custom Pear Halo from James Allen
Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't customize your very own engagement ring on a build-your-own site like James Allen. This classic pear halo setting features delicate pave and a can be fitted with a round, pear, oval, marquise or even a heart shaped diamond. Just work backwards from the setting price to determine your diamond budget. In this case - our setting cost $1170 - leaving $830 for the diamond. Use James Allen's diamond selection tool to set your parameters and find a beautiful diamond of any shape within your budget.

How to keep your diamond cost low? Choose a low color - like a J, K or L - especially when setting it in a warm yellow or rose gold setting. See why K colored diamonds are a great pick here.  

Infinity Twist Rose Gold and Pave Engagement Ring

Trending Style: Delicate Rose Gold Engagement Rings
So many popular motifs converge in this delicate setting from Houston Diamond District it's not surprise it's a constant Amazon best seller. Rose gold, an infinity shank design and pave details are all trending right now. This engagement ring has numerous reviews and customer images on Amazon and can be purchased with a range of diamond sizes depending on your budget. Shown here with a 0.50 carat center diamond the ring sells for $1,085. 

1 Carat 14K White Gold Classic Halo Style Cushion Shape Diamond Engagement Ring 

The Crowd Pleaser: Houston Diamond District Halo for $1,753
Houston Diamond District has been a top rated engagement ring seller on Amazon for several years now. That's great for shoppers since so many of their listings now have uploaded images from satisfied buyers - so you can see more realistic photographs of what these rings look like on buyers fingers.

I chose this halo style which is a classic favorite. The pave halo surrounding the center 0.74 ct diamond makes it appear larger than it is which is great if you're looking for maximum finger coverage and sparkle. Visit the listing on Amazon to see the multiple customer reviews and customer uploaded images for this ring. Here's my favorite:
This company was a delight to work with. The customer service is amazing and extremely personable. They expedited my ring, treated me with the utmost respect, and answered emails almost immediately. I was impressed. The ring itself is absolutely gorgeous. The diamond is a great cut&clarity. I am very familiar with jewelry and I was surprised that the center diamond, in person, looks even bigger than I expected it to...Buy with confidence.
See this ring on Amazon now

Blue Nile 3/4 Carat Preset Six-Prong Low Dome Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Classic: Present Engagement Ring from Blue Nile for $2030
Blue Nile has been the go-to for online build-your-own  engagement ring buying for over a decade. But for those of you who don't want to go through the trouble of selecting a diamond and a setting, you can now let Blue Nile do all the work. Their Preset Engagement Ring collection features GIA graded stones, their most popular engagement ring settings, and prices which are 20-40% lower than your typical retail jeweler. And best of all, these select rings ship within 24 hours - so you can get engaged as quickly as you want to.

2 Carat Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Wedding Ring Set in White Gold

Pure Bling: A pave set by Pompeii3 for less than $1300

Another seller that's been around on Amazon for quite some time with many positive reviews is Pompeii3. With a wealth of customer feedback and images, their glittery concoctions can satisfy your need for bling while remaining within any given budget.

This 2 carat total weight halo engagement ring set does not disappoint. With an included pave diamond wedding band, you'll have everything you need to say "I do" at a low price of only $1,290. Plus, you won't have to spend time and money finding the pave wedding band which fits perfectly with this engagement ring - it's included!

Art Deco Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage Style: Find the best variety on Etsy

If your engagement ring taste runs toward vintage style - whether it be Elizabethan or Art Deco engagement rings set in platinum or white gold with European mine cut diamonds and colored gemstone accents  - you'll find the best selection on Etsy where hundreds of sellers list their unique finds every day. Search through hundreds of listings with multiple images and read reviews on each seller to make sure you're purchasing from one with a reputation for satisfied customers. This one is being sold by Your Jewelry Finder - a Bethesda, Maryland based seller with over 1574 sales and 515 positive reviews. Just remember - vintage rings are one of a kind - so when you see one that you like, don't wait!