August 22, 2014

How to Buy an Engagement Ring on

What You Need to Know About Buying an Engagement Ring on

If you have been searching online for a diamond engagement ring, chances are you have seen that offers a wide selection of rings and wedding bands, among other jewelry. With the purchase of diamonds over the internet becoming more and more mainstream and sites like popping up every day, you may be wondering "is it safe to buy a diamond online on"

Based on my research, the answer is a resounding YES! When you shop for a diamond ring on Amazon you see gorgeous rings from renowned Los Angeles jeweler Kobelli to jewelers from Manhattan's Diamond District.

Rule #1: Choose a ring with overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. Like this Rose gold pave solitaire from Houston Diamond District.

Plus, with their 30-Day Risk Free return period, certificates of authenticity and even free resizing you can't go wrong. Follow along for tips and advice on how to find the right ring on, buy with confidence, and even get 6-month interest free financing for your purchase.

How to Pick a Ring on

After looking at the selection on, reading customer reviews and looking at the detailed product descriptions, I have conclude that Yes, you Can get a great deal on a diamond ring on However, avoid common missteps by following my rules below:

Rule #1: Read the Customer Reviews

Some of the diamond rings sold on are sold by Amazon itself as part of their "curated collection" of fine jewelry, but many more are sold by individual jewelers selling under the Amazon umbrella and using the site as their storefront. This allows customers to get a great price because these jewelers do not have to maintain a physical store and pay rent and sales associates. However, since there are many different sellers, there are also many different customer experiences. Make sure to read the customer reviews to not only see the buyers experience with the product, but also their customer service experience with the seller.
Some well reviewed diamond sellers on include Natural Diamond Outlet - ND Outlet, and Pompeii3 Inc, Houston Diamond District, and Diamond-Me.
Click on the jewelers name below to read recent customer feedback on these top rated jewelry sellers on

Rule #2: Know the 4 C's

Color, Cut and Clarity are the most important things to know when searching for a diamond. Knowing the different grades of color and clarity will help you to understand why one 1-carat diamond is selling for twice the price of another. There are many guides to the 4 C's online and even one on To get a real idea of how these look, you can go to a jewelry store to see them in person. But when you are ready to buy, come back to and find the same diamond for less online.

This 3-stone ring from Diamond-Me gets rave reviews from Amazon customers. Click here to find out why.

Rule #3: Read the Product Descriptions:

If you see a price on Amazon that is too good to be true, chances are it is. Make sure you carefully read the product descriptions because along with diamond rings, amazon sells CZ (cubic zirconium) rings in the engagement ring section of their site. These rings are significantly less expensive as CZ is a man made stone and NOT a naturally occurring diamonds. They also have many rings set in sterling silver, which is also a precious metal, but softer than gold or platinum and prone to tarnishing.

.50CT Princess Cut Antique Hand Engraved Diamond Ring
This ring from seller Pompei3 Inc gets great reviews for looks AND Customer Service

Rule #4: Know the Lingo

Did you find a ring online that looks too good to be true with a high carat weight for a low, low price? Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. When a seller lists the carat weight in the product title on, that is usually the TCW or Total Carat Weight of the ring. This is the sum of the main center stone plus and side stones, pave stones on the band or anywhere else on the setting. So the ring below which is listed as a 2.33 Carat Round Cut Designer Four Prong Round Diamond Engagement Ring actually contains a 1.48 ct center stone and another 0.85 carats in pave stones on the setting. This information can be found in the Product Specifications table further down the page on Amazon. Make sure you read that info so you know what you are getting. Still a gorgeous ring at an amazing price. But maybe not the deal of the century you were expecting if you don't have your TCW and CW straight!
Click here to view this unique engagement ring from Houston Diamond District on and read the customer reviews on this ring.

Amazon Curated Collection Engagement Rings

Amazon's Curated Collection is a hand-selected assortment of jewelry picked for its quality and value and shipped directly from Amazon's warehouses. All pieces in the Curated Collection come packaged in a special gift box and are shipped with one-day free shipping on purchases over $500. International shipping is also available for shoppers overseas.

Additionally, Amazon Curated Collection products have a 30-day return policy and a special customer service team who can answer your questions 7 days a week on their toll-free number.
Check out some top selling engagement rings from the Amazon Curated Collection and see for yourself why shoppers swear by these fantastic values.
Click to see the amazing price on this platinum setting with a 2 ct solitaire from the Amazon Curated collection.
Want to get engaged tomorrow? With a top rated engagement ring from the Amazon Curated Collection you can order today and have the ring of your dreams on your finger tomorrow.

Amazon 6-Month Financing

Another reason to buy your ring on

The traditional rule of thumb for buying an engagement ring is that it should cost 2-months salary. Most people do not have this kind of money lying around, so when money is tight Amazon's 6-month financing on ring purchases comes in handy.

By applying for an Store Card you can purchase and pay no interest on a purchase of $149 or more for six months. If you do not pay the balance in full in the 6 month period interest will be charged to the card, However, this is a great means of extending the payment period without incurring the finance charges that you would have on a traditional credit card. Definitely comes in handy if you are looking at a serious ring like this one:

IGI Certified Platinum Princess-Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring (1 cttw, G-H Color, VS2 Clarity), Size 7