June 13, 2017

James Allen and Engagement Ring Transparency

It's no secret that I love James Allen and think they are the #1 place to buy an engagement ring online - or off. The level of transparency they provide into the engagement ring buying process is unmatched by any of their competitors in the online space.

To start, they are the only online engagement ring retailer who provides a 360-degree image of every diamond on their site so that shoppers can see them up close with the same - or better - detail that you would get walking into your local jewelers. But since that has been covered here already, let's examine some of the other features that put James Allen above the competition and help demystify the diamond buying process for their customers.

Diamond Inspiration Gallery

Search for your dream ring among James Allen's recently purchased rings

James Allen has extended that 360-degree technology to their engagement ring settings as well - cataloging every beautiful creation on a searchable page on their website where you can search your dream ring by budget, style - from vintage halos to modern tension settings, shape and metal.

These detailed images of their diamonds are not the only time James Allen lets us get up close and personal with their merchandise. Before shipping out a completed ring, they photograph and catalog that ring on their website in their Diamond Inspiration Gallery. Here, future engagement ring purchasers can see 100s of engagement rings created by James Allen and also see all the stats on these rings including diamond size, cut, clarity and price.

Copycat style is easy when you use the James Allen Inspiration Gallery to find your dream ring

These customer created rings are also linked to the setting styles purchased - so when you are considering an engagement ring setting you can see what that will look like with the diamond shape you're interested in. Plus, see the difference in appearance between that ring with a 0.5 ct round diamond and a 2 ct diamond. Knowledge is power!

See that setting with the diamond shape you're considering. 

But that's not it. In addition to letting you get up close and personal with the diamonds and engagement rings before they get shipped out from James Allen to the customer, James Allen has 2 ways customers can share those images after they are delivered and proposed with.

James Allen On-Site Customer Reviews with Yotpo

Customer reviews like this one abound on James Allen's website

Yotpo is a leading customer review and image curation tool used on numerous ecommerce sites and recently implemented on James Allen. With Yotpo, customer reviews filter directly to the product pages of the items purchased enabling customers to read a multitude of feedback on any engagement ring setting they may be interested in. But the best part about James Allen's Yotpo implementation is the sheer volume of customer images it helps to generate. Because really, who doesn't want to share a ring selfie after they've gotten engaged?

James Allen Engagement Moments

James Allen...they'll even help you Propose
Last but not least, if seeing the diamonds up close, the completed custom engagement rings with all of their pricing information, and all the ring selfies of their happy customers just isn't enough, there's the Engagement Moments gallery where future James Allen customers can see even more finished ring pictures along with entire proposal stories from happy James Allen customers.

Clicking through these stories from customers scattered across the globe from Mexico to Scotland, Pakistan to Singapore you'll not only get more beautiful engagement ring photos (plus a handy link to re-create the looks found on this page) but tons of inspiration for the perfect, romantic proposal to take her breath away.

James Allen proposal stories
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